Another Happy Birthday to Paul, from Bob Mehr (with bonus story)! Happy birthday to Paul Harold Westerberg – born 58 years ago on a particularly frigid New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Replacements co-founder, revered solo artist, *the* singer-songwriter of his generation. The Johnson to my Boswell, as well as the only person to ever mail me a body part (a molar – it’s a long story). Here’s a footnote … Read more →

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Happy Birthday, Paul! And Happy New Year to all! Here’s wishing you the bluest sky And hoping something better comes tomorrow Hoping all the verses rhyme And the very best of choruses to Follow all the doubt and sadness I know that better things are on the way. I know you’ve got a lot of good things happening up ahead The past is gone it’s all been said So here’s … Read more →