Meet Dale Westerberg

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The latest video for “Wild Stab” is for “Whole Lotta Nothin’” and comes from one Mr. Dale Westerberg. As posted on Posted on Pitchfork: “Done by Westerberg and Darren Hill, the video features Westerberg introducing himself as “Dale Westerberg” and teaching viewers how to write a song.” The video featured images of the I Don’t Cares (without showing their faces) and Josh Freese and also includes this tantalizing message: ON … Read more →

Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal | June 5, 2015

replacements porto

As covered in this post, the reports from the show focused on Paul’s comment about this being the last time they were ever going to play together (or something to that effect). If this was the last show ever for this incarnation of the Mats, they went out with a darn good set list. (Any set list that includes “Nowhere Is My Home” gets a thumb’s up from me). Set … Read more →

Bits + Pieces: Seattle and Portland

gary's donut

Try as I might, I could not figure out a way to embed Facebook videos into this page. Which is too bad because there are two excellent videos from the Portland show taken by Pat Moriarity you need to see. Here are the links to watch them on FB: • Whole Food Blues – The improvised blues number about Paul’s unsatisfying visit to Whole Foods for a chocolate protein shake … Read more →

“The Replacements: The Studio Albums 1981-1990”: Box Set

replacements boxset press release

The Replacements announced their upcoming box set in typically Matsian fashion: A press release that appears to edited by the band  — i.e. a mention of their nomination to the RRHOF is annotated with “but lost to Cat Stevens and KISS”. Before you get too excited, the April 14 release will not include any material that hasn’t been previously released <sad trombone>. It’s an eight-disc set that includes all studio … Read more →

The Replacements – “Poke Me In My Cage” #JazzBaby

Poke me in My Cage The Replacements

As Jesse Pinkman once observed about the perils of dealing with Walter: “Whatever you think is supposed to happen, I’m telling you, the exact reverse opposite is going to happen.” The Mats posting a 24 minute improvisational jazz piece called “Poke Me In My Cage” on SoundCloud and not letting anyone know about it would be the exact reverse opposite of what I thought they might do next, is my … Read more →