“Wild Stab”: Reviews & Lyrics

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Some very nice reviews have been coming in for Wild Stab: Salon, Caryn Rose “There are hooks and riffs and clever turns of phrase; there are bold declarations, and much quieter ones. There is so much to like on the record, and it’s tremendously accessible and listenable.”  Aquarium Drunkard “So – how does Wild Stab (more lowered expectations) hold up? It’s actually fantastic. From what has been said in interviews, … Read more →

The I Don’t Cares Want Your Videos

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The I Don’t Cares want YOU to take a Wild Stab at making a video! Are you an aspiring film maker? Clever or artistic? Too much time on your hands? Need to make a few bucks to cover rent this month? Then what are you waiting for? Make a video for your favorite song on “Wild Stab”. Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link: theidontcares@tenpinmgt.com If we … Read more →

Peter Wolf Interviews Paul Westerberg (!)

Today is the release date for Wild Stab, which was already going to make this a banner day. And then here comes this completely unexpected interview on Vanyaland interview, way out of left field. Peter Wolf interviewed Paul at a hotel in Cambridge yesterday.  I can’t remember the last time Paul did an hour-long filmed interview. In detailing each track over the course of the hour-long conversation, Wolf describes the … Read more →

“Wild Stab” Review + Listen to “Born For Me”

The Current posted a review of Wild Stab today and you can also listen to “Born For Me” on their site. From the review: There is something unmistakable about that chugging electric guitar and that voice —Paul Westerberg’s personality manages to transcend whatever project he’s working on and become untethered from time. The twist this time around, though, is that the Replacements frontman not only sounds re-energized, but downright happy. A lot … Read more →