Paul Sighting on Instagram

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen Paul. It looks like the last time was March of last year, when the video for “Done, Done, Done” was posted on YouTube.  We heard Paul in April 2016, when he was interviewed about Prince by MNN but no real news or sightings since that time. Still no news to report but we do have a sighting on Josh Freese’s Instagram! PW is … Read more →

Video: “Done, Done, Done” From the Basement

done done done

I don’t think this is an official entry in the video contest but it would be a winner if it was. Posted yesterday by Josh Freese, this live version of “Done, Done, Done” was recorded in Paul’s basement in February. It was first posted as a Facebook video on Josh’s page, then re-posted on YouTube. Josh commented on using Paul’s drums: “paul’s drums crack me up. i purposefully didn’t touch … Read more →

Meet Dale Westerberg

any on you want

The latest video for “Wild Stab” is for “Whole Lotta Nothin’” and comes from one Mr. Dale Westerberg. As posted on Posted on Pitchfork: “Done by Westerberg and Darren Hill, the video features Westerberg introducing himself as “Dale Westerberg” and teaching viewers how to write a song.” The video featured images of the I Don’t Cares (without showing their faces) and Josh Freese and also includes this tantalizing message: ON … Read more →

I Don’t Cares on Instagram

Juliana Hatfield and Josh Freese have both share posts on Instagram this week that indicate the IDCs are currently making music in MN. More to come? caught in the act (of breaking a string) A photo posted by @julianahatfield on Feb 16, 2016 at 12:58pm PST Packed up some cameras, a few pairs of sticks and some warm clothes. Next stop, Minneapolis. A photo posted by Josh Freese (@joshfreese) on Feb … Read more →

Paul’s Shirt: Lucky #13


Episode 13 of Paul’s message was posted on the Paul’s Shirt Facebook page last night (front) and this morning (back). The front picture is Paul with an adjacent defibrillator machine. Front message: I HAVE ALWAYS LO Back message: NOW I MUST WHORE No word yet on new dates for the Pittsburgh and Columbus shows but per Josh Freese’s Instagram, the bus has made its way to D.C. (with a stop … Read more →