“Poke Me In My Cage” News

The stealth release of “Poke Me in My Cage” became an actual news story, to the amusement of Josh Freese and Dave Minehan (probably Paul and Tommy too but we haven’t heard from them on it).  The Boston Globe reported it since the recording took place in Waltham: New Replacements song leaked online. No one is quite sure how a new, 24-minute song by the Replacements surfaced online, least of all … Read more →

The Replacements – “Poke Me In My Cage” #JazzBaby

Poke me in My Cage The Replacements

As Jesse Pinkman once observed about the perils of dealing with Walter: “Whatever you think is supposed to happen, I’m telling you, the exact reverse opposite is going to happen.” The Mats posting a 24 minute improvisational jazz piece called “Poke Me In My Cage” on SoundCloud and not letting anyone know about it would be the exact reverse opposite of what I thought they might do next, is my … Read more →