More “Wild Stab” Reviews

More (glowing) review for ‘Wild Stab’, including one from Ken Tucker at NPR: KEN TUCKER: The songs on “Wild Stab” reach out and grab you. They’re built around the kind of rootsy rock ‘n roll that Paul Westerberg has been making for a long time now, music he originally made, in part, to connect with an earlier generation of rockers like The Rolling Stones, the Faces and The Kinks. Juliana … Read more →

“Wild Stab”: Reviews & Lyrics

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Some very nice reviews have been coming in for Wild Stab: Salon, Caryn Rose “There are hooks and riffs and clever turns of phrase; there are bold declarations, and much quieter ones. There is so much to like on the record, and it’s tremendously accessible and listenable.”  Aquarium Drunkard “So – how does Wild Stab (more lowered expectations) hold up? It’s actually fantastic. From what has been said in interviews, … Read more →