#TBT: The Replacements Auto-Discography with The Bob

Today in “Stuff From the Vault”, here’s an excerpt of a PW interview with the magazine “The Bob” from June 1990, where Paul discussed his impressions of each Replacements album. The Bob: “Would you mind doing an auto discography and talk about each one of the LPs?” Paul: “Of our stuff?” The Bob: “Yeah.” Paul: “Don’t listen to it.” The Bob: “You can either start from the earliest one or … Read more →

#tbt: Northampton, MA 8/24/2002

paul westerberg northhampton

It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Paul’s solo tour, which included 9 in-store performances in April and May; 3 shows at the Guthrie in Minneapolis (6/29-7/1) and 20 shows in 28 days (!) in August, closing out with 3 incredible shows in NYC. I came across a DVD with 10 videos from Paul’s show at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA recently. I’ve lost the information on who … Read more →

Magnet Interviews Paul | August 2002

paul westerberg magnet

Interviews with Paul have been rare in the past decade, so in lieu of  posting a new one, here’s one of the best interviews he’s done post-Mats. This interview is from Magnet Magazine in August 2002, when Paul was doing his solo tour. A few choice quotes: When he was 17, the neighborhood stoner dude with the awesome stereo system and ultra-hip record collection turned him on to the Sex Pistols. … Read more →