Westerberg-Adjacent News

In the absence of PW news at the moment, I’ve gathered up some Westerberg-adjacent items you might find of interest. • Tommy is busy, busy, busy as always. Keep up with his many projects on his FB page. He just announced new Bash & Pop tour dates in May. He’s done quite a few interviews in support of the new B&P record, “Anything Can Happen”, including this one with Rolling Stone: “How … Read more →

Tommy Stinson Interview: Star-Tribune

Tommy is busy touring, recording and producing (check out his Facebook page or web site for all the details). In this interview with Chris Riemenschneider for the Star-Tribune, he talks about his current solo work, GnR and – of course – the Mats: Tommy Stinson: Replacements run was ‘special,’ but it’s time to move on Since he’s more interested in talking about his new band coming to the Turf Club on Saturday, … Read more →

Interviews: Tommy Stinson & Ben Perlstein

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interviewed both Tommy and Ben Perlstein (Tommy’s manager and co-manager of The Replacements) in advance of Saturday’s show in Milwaukee. Tommy Stinson on reunited Replacements: ‘We’re roughly the same dudes’ “Especially for some of the songs, I miss Bob over there. I miss that from when I was a kid. But I don’t dwell on it,” Stinson said. But Stinson claims “we’re roughly the same dudes, … Read more →

Interview: Tommy Stinson

“Replacements reunion is about “having fun,” reconnecting” – The Oakland Press Tommy Stinson talks with The Oakland Press in advance of Sunday’s show in Detroit: “We’re going to go out there (to) have fun and play our … rock show and go from there,” Stinson says. “Anything at this point could happen. As long as we’re having fun doing it, I think we … do it for as long as … Read more →