#tbt: Northampton, MA 8/24/2002

It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Paul’s solo tour, which included 9 in-store performances in April and May; 3 shows at the Guthrie in Minneapolis (6/29-7/1) and 20 shows in 28 days (!) in August, closing out with 3 incredible shows in NYC.

I came across a DVD with 10 videos from Paul’s show at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA recently. I’ve lost the information on who shot this video and sent it to me – if you’re out there, let me know (and thank you!). I saw an embarrassingly high number of these 2002 shows and this was a standout performance.

High Time • Valentine •  Psychopharmacology • Mr. Rabbit • We May Be the Ones • If Only You Were Lonely • Things • Left of the Dial • Alex Chilton • Nevermind

I really think it’s just about time for another Paul solo tour. Below is the full set list from the show and it’s incredible. As much as I love the Mats, you could pull out the Mats stuff, add in some of the stellar solo songs that came out after 2002 and have yourself one hell of a set list.

High Time
Mr. Rabbit
Waiting for Somebody
Achin’ to Be
2 Days Til Tomorrow
We May Be the Ones
If Only You Were Lonely
Let the Bad Times Roll
Got You Down
Waitress in the Sky
Boring Enormous
Man Without Ties
Best Thing That Never Happened
Kiss me on the Bus
I’ll Be You
Can’t Hardly Wait
Don’t Want Never
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Knockin on Mine
One of the Boys
I Will Dare
Love Untold
Left of the Dial
Alex Chilton

paul westerberg northhampton

pw in northampton – photo by catherine carter