The Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL | April 30, 2015

Chicago Night 2 seems to have kicked it up a notch from the previous night. Gordy at @GordyBeTweeting live-Tweeted both shows and it seems the band wasn’t fully enamored of the audience on Night 1

Also, if you are hoping to hear “Answering Machine” at some future show, I have some bad news for you.

The printed set list was a bit sparse, plenty of room for improvising (those are Tommy’s shoe prints).

chicago night 2 set list

Photo by Daryl P. Brothers

Set List

Takin a Ride | Hangin Downtown | Color Me Impressed | Seen Your Video | Kissin’ in Action | Left of the Dial | Little Mascara | Androgynous | Kiss Me on the Bus | Nobody | I Will Dare | Waitress in the Sky | Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out | Whole Foods Blues | Can’t Hardly Wait | Bastards of Young | My Boy Lollipop | Customer | Within Your Reach | Never Mind | Merry Go Round | 20th Century Boy | Take Me Down to the Hospital | Alex Chilton

The tent is back! According to Gordy, Paul said “”We’re not gonna take an encore break I just need a time out.”

Then there was that time #paulwesterberg played #alexchilton from a tent on stage. #thereplacements

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YouTube poster Seijinlee, who posted great footage from the first show, cam through again with 3 videos for this show.

“Color Me Impressed” and “Seen Your Video”

Paul throwing stuff; “Can’t Hardly Wait”, “Bastards of Young”

Dave sings some stuff; “Take Me Down to the Hospital”; “Alex Chilton”

Shirt Watch, Show 9:
Paul Westerberg's Shirt
Front message: I HAVE ALWA
Back message: NOW I MUST W