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Paul Westerberg Live

October 20, 2008
I'm in the process of getting all the show pages transferred to the new's alittle bit of a slow process, so bear with me.

2004/2005 Show Reports

Paul also played a private show at the The 400 Bar in Mpls on Sunday, May 22 (a graduation party for Paul's wife). Paul played for a bunch of covers with a local band, Retro Fit, they played everything from "Jumpin' Jack Flash" to "Daydream Believer", plus plenty of Bowie. Thanks to Danny who attended and posted a set list on the message board.


2002 Show Reports

Lots of great reviews from the in-stores, CFMT dates and the 3 Guthrie shows. Many great cover tunes included in these shows, for a mostly complete list of all the songs Paul covered that year, click here. I saw several shows, my reviews posted here. A quote from Paul on the in-stores and playing as a one-man band:

"I realized that I can simply have me and a guitar -- be it electric or acoustic -- and use the audience as the rest of my group, whether they're vocalists or lyric providers or the rhythm section with their claps."

Come Feel Me Tremble Tour Poster Come Feel Me Tremble Tour

If you didn't catch this tour (or even if you did), you'll want to get the "Come Feel Me Tremble" DVD, which includes plenty of tour footage, interviews, backstage footages and Paul at home, working on songs and performing. It also includes footgage from fan-shot videa of teh in-stores and shows, plus a lot of the photos you all sent in to me from the tour. From a Billboard article in March 03:

Footage provided by Paul Westerberg fans who videotaped shows on the ex-Replacements frontman's recent tour are providing the bulk of the material that will comprise "Come Feel Me Tremble," a Westerberg tour DVD slated to be released this year by Vagrant Records. The fan footage, solicited by the administrator of Westerberg's Web site, saved the project..."

The movie was screened several times, but was not released to theaters. You can read about those screenings on the movie page, with reviews/comments from those who saw it on the big screen.

Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis June/July 2002

In-store Shows:

Eventually Tour: June 96-September 96
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