When I searched “Paul Westerberg” on YouTube, it came back with about 22,600 results. I’ve included slightly less video content here and hopefully will be adding to this page soon (when the reunion tour DVD comes out!). As mentioned, there are many PW and Mats videos on YouTube, posted by many people, but I’d remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the massive amount of work done by YouTuber bobstinsonsghost who is responsible for  much of it!


  • Come Feel Me Tremble (2003)
  • Seeing Through Paul (1997)
    This is a short (13 minutes) film directed by Ondi Timoner as a promotional vehicle for Suicaine Gratifaction and it was never officially released to the public. But of course, it’s found its way online. DailyMotion has it, broken into two videos (video 1/video 2)

Music Videos


The Replacements



  • Sessions @ AOL (2004)
    This was done as part of the promotion for “Folker” and includes 9 songs, both new (“Looking Up in Heaven”, “How Can You Like Him?”) and old (“I Will Dare”, “Skyway”).