Video: “Done, Done, Done” From the Basement

I don’t think this is an official entry in the video contest but it would be a winner if it was. Posted yesterday by Josh Freese, this live version of “Done, Done, Done” was recorded in Paul’s basement in February.

It was first posted as a Facebook video on Josh’s page, then re-posted on YouTube. Josh commented on using Paul’s drums: “paul’s drums crack me up. i purposefully didn’t touch a thing.”

done done done


Video: “Done, Done, Done” From the Basement — 4 Comments

  1. I think I get the lyrics, my Sister is smart like all you all… then one day I told her that I found a musician that she should listen to. I told her his name, and she laughed… ya I know, hes great… his name/ Thelonious Monk

    now I get the done,done,done lyrics.

  2. this (done, done, done) is the best what i’ve heared since quite a while… uptempo, agressive, kind of cool… would like to have the lyrics, i only understand something like “put me in, put me out, put me on the table now….” or “put me in the alley”… i mean, it’s only rock’n’roll and so everybody is invited to play with the sound of the words, and if i won’t get an answer, i’ll do… but what’s that on the bridge? “you can’t blame on me, we’re on wounded knees”???

    thanx anyway, i’ll do my own thing, michael:-)


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