Video: “Done, Done, Done” From the Basement

I don’t think this is an official entry in the video contest but it would be a winner if it was. Posted yesterday by Josh Freese, this live version of “Done, Done, Done” was recorded in Paul’s basement in February.

It was first posted as a Facebook video on Josh’s page, then re-posted on YouTube. Josh commented on using Paul’s drums: “paul’s drums crack me up. i purposefully didn’t touch a thing.”

done done done


Video: “Done, Done, Done” From the Basement — 5 Comments

  1. This is a fun video, it’s great! I just discovered the “Wild Stab” album last week, (sorry, am very bad at staying up-to-date). Wild Stab is the best new album that I have heard in years. It has a very good heart, heartfelt intentions. More of life should be like this album, is like this album. I guess I’m a new listener, the Wild Stab album in the internet age makes it easy to explore your musical history, get to the basics and get to the landmarks. In the 90’s I had a drummer friend who went to California and ended up as an extra in your “Love Untold” video. It was like the Twilight Zone to see close ups of my buddy on your video, but I had my head in the wrong place and didn’t catch onto your other work at the time. My loss. Now I’m reading “Trouble Boys” on my iPhone Kindle, researching The Replacements history on Amazon music, and buying CDs on amazon from your large history of albums. You are helping to revive my love of music. Praise the LORD, you have a good heart, thanks!

  2. I think I get the lyrics, my Sister is smart like all you all… then one day I told her that I found a musician that she should listen to. I told her his name, and she laughed… ya I know, hes great… his name/ Thelonious Monk

    now I get the done,done,done lyrics.

  3. this (done, done, done) is the best what i’ve heared since quite a while… uptempo, agressive, kind of cool… would like to have the lyrics, i only understand something like “put me in, put me out, put me on the table now….” or “put me in the alley”… i mean, it’s only rock’n’roll and so everybody is invited to play with the sound of the words, and if i won’t get an answer, i’ll do… but what’s that on the bridge? “you can’t blame on me, we’re on wounded knees”???

    thanx anyway, i’ll do my own thing, michael:-)


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