Paul Westerberg Man Without Ties
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You could spend hours, if not days, combing through all the PW/mats videos available online, so this is not an exhaustive list. I've put together some of my favorite clips, including official videos, live performances and something I highly recommend if you haven't seen it: "Seeing Through Paul", a one hour documentary put together as part of the promotion for "Suicaine Gratifaction".


Official Videos

"What A Day For A Night" (clip taken from the CFMT DVD)

"Everything Goes Wrong" (clip taken from the CFMT DVD)

"World Class Fad" (directed by Zack Snyder, of "Dawn of the Dead"/300"/"Watchmen" fame)

"Backlash" (Joan Jett, featuring Paul)


Got Live If You Want It

"World Class Fad" (PW & The 14 Songs Band on Later With Jools Holland, 1993)

"Nevermind" (PW solo, Northampton, MA in August 2002)

"If Only You Were Lonely" (PW solo, Northampton, MA in August 2002)

"We May Be The Ones" (PW solo on Conan, June 2002)

"Swinging Party" (PW solo in Brooklyn, August 2002, fantastic show)

Paul did Sessions @ AOL in October 2004, and you can listen and watch the live performances, plus two interview segments. Songs include "I Will Dare", "Looking up in Heaven", "My Dad", "Skyway" and more. The link will give you all the performance and interview segments, here's "23 Years Ago": "Swinging Party" (PW solo in Brooklyn, August 2002, fantastic show)

Big thanks to Peter Munro for sending in some video clips from the Oct. 19, 2005 London show.Huge audience singalongs on every song. • "Here Comes A Regular" (partial)
"Skyway" (partial)
"I Will Dare" (partial)
"Valentine" (partial)

Twin/Tone has amazing video of a 1981 Mats show on their site:

"During the first week of September 1981, Twin/Tone took the mobile recording unit and rented a bunch of video gear and recorded 15 bands live (five nights) at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis... These QuickTime movies are from the show on September 5th. The band had released "Sorry Ma..." earlier in the year and were already working on future projects. These clips are presented as they were recorded live... in set order and very much with the tuning that troubled the night. The Replacements were the middle band of three (Husker Du closed the show) and played two 25 minute sets."

While you're there, check out their Mats gallery, which has pictures dating back to 1980, and also this great shot of Paul from First Avenue in 1987:
Photo by Kathy Easthagen
From Twin/Tone Records

Seeing Through Paul: (1999 documentary)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: