Westerberg-Adjacent News

In the absence of PW news at the moment, I’ve gathered up some Westerberg-adjacent items you might find of interest.

• Tommy is busy, busy, busy as always. Keep up with his many projects on his FB page. He just announced new Bash & Pop tour dates in May. He’s done quite a few interviews in support of the new B&P record, “Anything Can Happen”, including this one with Rolling Stone: “How Tommy Stinson Moved On From Replacements and Guns N’ Roses“, in which he discusses the ill-fated attempts to produce new Mats music:

In May 2013, the group cut some songs at Minneapolis’ Flowers Studio, where they’d recorded Songs for Slim, and attempted the Stinson-penned tunes “Cut and Run” (which engineer Ed Ackerson says is an “awesome song”), “Shut Your Mouth” and “Won’t Get That out of Me,” as well as two numbers that wound up on Anything Could Happen, the confused-love song “Anybody Else” and a folky, acoustic number about people who aren’t happy with themselves called “Shortcut.” But by the end of the sessions, which included many songs by Westerberg that Stinson did not mention by name, they felt the results weren’t up to snuff.

“We just didn’t get a boner for it,” Stinson says. “I don’t know why. I think the baggage we carry with us is too much. We should have just been thinking about ‘let’s fucking have fun – let’s fucking make a record and fucking sing some songs.’ But ultimately fucking just when you walked in the door, it was like, ‘Oh, baggage.’ We tried three different times to record these things and make something happen, and all three times fell flat. I think we thought making an album sounded like a good idea in theory, but when we got into it, it was like, ‘Eh, maybe not.’

“But I’ll be honest with you,” he continues. “I was hoping we’d revisit recording again and do it the way we should’ve done it, but the reunion went on. It would have been hard to get enthused about it and I think it’s hard for Paul to compete so much with his past. We all hold the Replacements stuff in high regard. I think it’s hard for him to imagine people are going to want to hear anything new because all they like about us is the old shit. So it’s a self-defeating mindset.”

• Here’s another reason to get on IG: Follow Bob Mehr (@bobmehr3) because he’ll be sharing some cool pictures and videos from his ‘Mats archive, as well as bonus material and backstories of things that were in “Trouble Boys”.  Ever wonder what late Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow thought of the Mats? Now you know!

• Speaking of Bob Mehr, enjoy this great cover of Tommy’s “Tiny Pieces” (from Bash & Pop’s 1993 album “Friday Night Is Killing Me”) by Coco Hames (Bob Mehr’s talented missus) and John McCauley. The song appears on Coco’s self-titled debut out on 3/31.

• Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) is releasing a new album in April. “Pussycat” will be out on April 28 on American Laundromat (pre-order now). Special pink cassette version available!

pussycat Juliana hatfield
“I wasn’t planning on making a record,” says Juliana Hatfield, of her new “Pussycat” album. In fact, she thought her songwriting career was on hiatus, and that she had nothing left to say in song form; that she had finally said it all after two decades as a recording artist.

But then the presidential election happened. “All of these songs just started pouring out of me. And I felt an urgency to record them, to get them down, and get them out there.” She booked some time at Q Division studios in Somerville, Massachusetts near her home in Cambridge and went in with a drummer (Pete Caldes), an engineer (Pat DiCenso) and fourteen brand-new songs. Hatfield produced and played every instrument other than drums—bass, keyboards, guitars, vocals. From start to finish—recording through mixing—the whole thing took a total of just twelve and a half days to complete.

Juliana posted this a few weeks ago…2016 seems so long ago..