“Wild Stab”: Reviews & Lyrics

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Some very nice reviews have been coming in for Wild Stab:

Salon, Caryn Rose “There are hooks and riffs and clever turns of phrase; there are bold declarations, and much quieter ones. There is so much to like on the record, and it’s tremendously accessible and listenable.”

 Aquarium Drunkard “So – how does Wild Stab (more lowered expectations) hold up? It’s actually fantastic. From what has been said in interviews, Hatfield was allowed a look through Westerberg’s demos that had gone unreleased (mostly) and allowed to pick what she thought sounded worth tackling. The results are a record that sound a lot like this recent excellent period of Westerberg’s songwriting.”

AllMusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine “Wild Stab emphasizes sharp hooks and smart songwriting, but the striking thing about the album is how it feels buoyant, an emotion that doesn’t come easy to either member of the I Don’t Cares.

And it was named an Album of the Week by Sun Media (CA newspaper chain).
wild stab album of the week

If you’re looking for lyrics (or best guesses on lyrics, to be more accurate) for Wild Stab, you can find some lyrics here, still 5 or 6 song left to go.